Remembering and honouring the service of our veterans

Words & from the Office of Vicki Ward MP, Member for Eltham

Vietnam War veterans with supporters at Lower Plenty Football & Netball Club

Every August we remember the contributions of the 60,000 Australian men and women who served in the Vietnam War, the 523 who lost their lives, the 2,400 wounded and their families.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the ending of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, our community gathered together over a number of days to remember and honour the dedication and sacrifice of those who served in this war.

This includes the Greensborough RSL and Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans Association holding their service at the Greensborough War Memorial Park, a service at the Montmorency-Eltham RSL at the RSL Remembrance Garden.

The Lower Plenty Football and Netball Club again held their annual Vietnam Veterans Round, including a ceremony, live music by Rob Downey singing a poignant rendition of “I was only 19” and every player and umpire shaking the hand of a Vietnam Veteran to the applause of the crowd.

Montmorency Eltham RSL President Andrew Hall and his team, Greensborough RSL, Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans, and Lower Plenty’s Grant Barden and Club President Michael Moloney are to be thanked for their dedication and service to remembering our Vietnam Veterans.

These events are vital as they invite us to better understand the impact of war and the sacrifice of those who served in this war.

It is important to reflect on and honour the service and sacrifice of the Australian men and women who served in the Vietnam War and their families.

Vicki Ward said the following:

“The controversy surrounding the Vietnam War unfortunately meant that those who served in this war did not receive the appropriate recognition that they deserve. On this anniversary of the War, I encourage everyone to take a moment to remember their contributions and sacrifice.

I am very thankful to attend these events in commemoration of the service of our Vietnam Veterans.If you are eligible, please make sure to sign up for the Veterans Card – Victoria now at:  If you are having trouble signing up, please contact my office at 718 Main Rd, Eltham or by phone on 9439 1500”.