Welcome to CopperLine

Words By The Editor

A very warm welcome to CopperLine. This is the first edition of the local newspaper created in the community for the community.  Its aim is to promote community engagement, inclusiveness and a sense of belonging in our neighbourhoods as well as informing the community about local and broader news and issues. 

Our sincere thanks to supporters of CopperLine: its volunteers who produce material for publication, Nillumbik Shire Council and Bendigo Bank who have provided start-up grant funds and to the advertisers who support us into the future and make their services, products and events known; and to those who contribute in other ways. 

Particular appreciation goes to Bill Penrose who socialised the idea of a local newspaper and formed the public meeting that started this venture from which our committee of volunteers was drawn. Bill helped significantly with our early organisational set-up. 

In this issue you will notice a number of paid political ads and we thank the local candidates and our federal member for their support in our first edition.

An absence of expected sections: Sport, a What’s On calendar, Trade services and others. Not omitted, nor forgotten – but things we will grow towards.

Formally, CopperLine News Inc. is an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation.  

Five volunteers make up its committee, all of whom live in Eltham or nearby.  Each has experience relevant to newspaper publication or business management.  We are: Sana – General Manager, Rob – Editor / Editorial Team, Malcolm – Production Manager, David – Tech Administrator and Andrea – Treasurer.

We are an independent enterprise and have no ties with vested interests nor political affiliations.  Funders have no say in editorial decisions.

 “Local news is a vital service for communities, telling the stories of the people in the places where they live. Research has shown it has a positive impact on individuals’ sense of wellbeing, their participation in community life and the quality of local governance.”

Source: Public Interest Journalism Initiative localnews.piji.com.au/2022-02-01

CopperLine – The Newspaper

The paper will aim to speak to the interests of the community by providing:

  • News and information
  • Reporting that seeks authenticity, transparency, accountability and genuine community consultation 
  • Features and vignettes depicting aspects of community life in areas such as art, business, education, volunteerism, sport and the social
  • Promotions and advertising which is also the main source of revenue

The paper will start with monthly editions in print and shortly also online.  As resources and material for publication grow, production frequency will increase to fortnightly and distribution reach will extend. 

An Open-Source Emphasis 

We do not regard our readers as customers or consumers, but as participants, whether they engage with us or not.  Reading itself is a participative act.  However, to foster community engagement there will be spaces for people of all backgrounds and ages to have their say.

You can:

  • Write, illustrate or photograph for the paper
  • Work with CopperLine to get your piece published
  • Tell us your news
  • Submit letters / emails to the editor – we learn from your suggestions

Many newspapers report on community matters with articles written by experienced journalists, and CopperLine will do that too.  Additionally we encourage those who make the news to participate in crafting its expression.

We encourage contributions from emerging writers and those willing to try their hand, including from schools, businesses and other organisations.

Editorially we may shape for clarity and alignment with our vision, policies and guidelines, but always to bring out the writer’s voice, or the spirit of the subject matter, and not to take a slant and over emphasise to attract eyeballs. 

More than a Cluster of Post Codes

We value and will promote the long aesthetic traditions here, expressed in literature, art in its many forms, music, the architecture of sustainable living and artisan practice that coexists with the natural environment.    

In many forms, art

Frames the flux of feelings. It

Shows the life in things.

These days we include business, commerce, and residents who make their lives here, and the infrastructure (physical and social) that enhances live-ability.

We hope that over time, CopperLine contributes to the historical record – helps to see the evolution of things.