Nina Kelabora’s First Exhibition “Flight”

Words by Richard Stal

Nina Kelabora (centre) and friends. Image by Gemma Carr Photography

The first exhibition of Nina Kelabora, an Eltham-based artist, has started at the Eltham Library Community Gallery.

The exhibition, entitled “Flight”, is a mixed media work that expresses subconscious connections to culture, family and the natural world.

The exhibition was originally scheduled to start over a year ago but had to be postponed due to refurbishments to the library.

About the themes being explored in the exhibition, Nina said “There’s a very strong sort of saltwater theme in the first half of it, connecting in with my father’s and grandmother’s homeland which is saltwater island culture.

“At certain points I had this song stuck in my head that my grandmother used to sing to me when I was a child and I realised I used salt in the first set of pieces that are in the exhibition.

“The second half of the exhibition is much more grounded in this landscape.I spent days wandering around carrying bags of stones and picking them up and playing with them and not just playing with them in the depiction of them but actually using them to create some of the pieces.

“I’ve found the whole process strangely kind of nonlinear and hard to put words to actually.

“It sort of exists in this world that’s not about words.”

The Unknowing, Nina Kelabora 

About 80 people attended the opening night of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 7th July.

More information about the exhibition can be found by contacting Nillumbik Arts at

[email protected] or by emailing [email protected]