Life is full of choices – you can make them, but it takes strength & power to own them

Words by Robyn McCorkelle

It’s an enormous challenge dealing with body image, anxiety, addiction, mental illness, and grief. Kirsten Moore is doing this and doing it with strength.   

We make 100’s of choices every day without even realising.  The choices we make in life can be influenced by a variety of factors, including our values, beliefs, childhood experiences, and external circumstances. These choices have a significant impact on our personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being. It is important to consider the potential consequences and benefits of each choice before making an actual decision.  Yes, we can gather information and insights from others, but ultimately, the responsibility for making these choices lies with us, ourselves. 

The choices that Kirsty has made in her life so far have been rewarding in a way, as she is coming out on top. These choices at times have made her feel great, sad, angry, happy, and confused (sound familiar) but she owns all her choices and owns them with pride today.  Coping with anxiety, anorexia, spinal surgery due to cancer, opioid abuse and a history of mental illness all exacerbated with grief, 3 losses in a very short period, certainly tested Kirsty in all of the challenges above.

A big part of her therapy was blogging and after encouragement from her friends she began her journey.  After months of writing, editing, and reliving her experiences, she has successfully published her first book, it’s called Gutter Glitter.  What a super achievement! An insight into Kirsty’s life of mental illness, pain, grief, and growth.  I’m not going to be the spoiler; this is a choice that you all can make and read it yourselves. 

Putting our words into writing can indeed be therapeutic for many.  It allows us to express our thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a structured and tangible form.  It can serve as a tool for processing difficult emotions, organising our thoughts, and gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves. It can also provide a sense of release, clarity, and self-reflection.  

Kirsty writes her story in a structure of uncomfortable truths in a clever way, often with a degree of scepticism and humour describing her different situations, which makes this book great reading.  An insight into Kirsty’s life that can hopefully make you think, adjust, and change your own life in some ways. For more information see Kirsty’s website

It was such a pleasure meeting Kirsty, a gorgeous, vibrant young woman who oozes strength. She is conquering her difficulties in life by blogging, pod casting, teaching, and practising yoga whilst enjoying a peaceful life spending time in her garden, enjoying, and appreciating her family and friends and of course, sharing her love with her cats, who bring her such joy filling her cup.