Candidate questionnaire

Alex Grimes – GreensJason McClintock – Liberal PartyVicki Ward – Labor Party
Why have you chosen to run in this State election?I am passionate about protecting our local natural and built environment, and the heritage and character of Eltham district. Eltham needs a candidate who’ll put community consultation front and centre, and seriously address the climate crisis. We need people who understand the Green Wedge, and how its role in our future is even more important than when first envisioned.I strongly believe that Victoria needs a change of leadership. We need representation that engages with the community and offers more than just politics as usual. The challenges we face need to be tackled with real world experience, honesty, and forthright leadership at every level of government. I have these attributes and want to use them to serve our community.Since 2014 we’ve had many great local wins – there is still more I want to achieve for our community; better access for health care, more for our schools, ongoing protection for our Green Wedge, climate change action, opportunities for our kids, great roads and public transport. Having lived here since 1973; I know the importance of community and what matters to us.
What have you identified as the major concerns of people in the Eltham electorate?Our community, and the Green Wedge, is under ever increasing encroachment of excessive development that does not reflect local character. This community wants to lead the transition to a clean, renewables-powered Victoria. People don’t feel the current government respects the land we live on – land we must protect. Community wants to be part of the solution, and needs genuine consultation for that to occur.The Health System Crisis and the failing 000 response times. Rising cost of living and the burden that it has on families. Integrity at all levels of government. Delivering quality education for our children. State debt reaching out-of-control levels and the long-term impacts this will have on taxes; not just on us, but for our children and grand-children.Action on Climate Change and protecting our Green WedgeSupporting healthcare workers and building more health infrastructureInvestment in schools, education and training opportunities, including support for teachersImproved transport infrastructureCost of living pressures 
How will you respond to these concerns?I will always advocate alongside community for protection of our Green Wedge legislation. I will fight for local character, tree canopy and our environment. We need to end new coal and gas projects immediately and switch to 100% renewables by 2030. We need to address cost of living with cheaper energy, scrap Labor’s Electric Vehicle tax, and save our native forests.The Victorian Liberals will provide real solutions to fixing these problems. We will provide additional funding to fix the 000 system problems, ensure we have a well-trained and properly staffed health workforce, and ensure the best outcomes for our children in school. All while reducing or eliminating 7 taxes, providing $2 all day public transport, and reducing real cost of living pressures for everyone.As I’ve done for 8 years; I’ll keep working with our community. We’ve invested in our local schools and we’ll transform science facilities with $8.94m for Eltham High if re-elected. We reopened Greensborough TAFE, introduced free TAFE and are building a Community Hospital. We’ve invested record amounts in renewables, set strong emissions reduction targets and have doubled down on this with our Climate Change Strategy.
What are your aspirations for the people in the Eltham electorate?While the Eltham area is renowned for its beautiful natural environment, it is also renowned for its houses and buildings which blend perfectly into the landscape. My hope is that we protect this quality which defines our area, and that future generations will see our built and natural environments complementing each other to work in harmony.I believe the Eltham Electorate sets an example for the rest of Victoria in how we engage as a community. In order for our area to stay safe and happy, we need to make sure our medical services are delivered in an effective and timely fashion. I will also push for us to be leaders in policy areas such as sustainable housing and energy creation and usage.Our area is special; our values, our care for each other and our environment matter. My aspiration is to protect this uniqueness. I want us to be the best we can; to deliver health services closer to home. Ensure every student can access quality education. Good PT and roads. I want to protect our natural environment and continue the work needed to respond to climate change.
Where is funding for your election campaign coming from?I’m powered entirely by local volunteers and community members, which enables me to genuinely act in community interest. I’m not taking dirty donations from industries like fossil fuels, gambling, racing or from property developers – I don’t think the same can be said for the parties I’m running against. We need to clean up money in politics.Most of my campaign has been self-funded with all funds provided in line with VEC donation rules.Our campaign is funded through community donations, including trivia nights, pie drives and raffles. I am grateful for the many hundreds of locals who have supported my campaign. The Victorian Government has made donations laws stronger, to view donations you can visit: